Monday, March 4, 2013

Stuck in San Diego

Not that it's a bad thing but we are here another day thanks to the snow storm coming to Chicago. San Diego is a great city for kids. Since arriving late Wednesday night we have had a great time at Disney (recap in another post), went to the children's museum, played Gaelic Football and hung out in Balboa Park. There is no such thing as vacation with kids (or really my wife) it is a trip, you don't get much time to relax (or make blog posts). My wife is already planning out what we will do tomorrow now with the extra day.

So details on our excursions:

New Children's Museum - downtown San Diego - Interesting place, all of the exhibits revolved around trash and how we can reuse/recycle. The kids had fun but some of the exhibits were more art instillation than fun thing for kids to do.

Gaelic Football - my brother-in-law is from Ireland and there are two sports he is mad about, soccer and Gaelic Football. San Diego has a pub league that my b-i-l plays /coaches in and he invited me to play while I was here. I love playing sports and it was fun learning something new. Highlight was me not getting injured as that would have sucked. Our team won and the Guinness at the bar after was good so all around successful outing.

Balboa Park - Awesome park that has a bunch of museums and other stuff in it. Our reason for going was to go to the puppet theater to see the puppet version of the book "The Very Hungry Caterpillar". I fell asleep during the show is the only thing I can say about it... The rest of the park is great with neat architecture and great scenery. It is not just a tourist attraction either. There were a bunch of locals hanging there enjoying the great weather. While we were there we saw some girls walking around hawking Girl Scout cookies and I started dreading when EJ joins up and I have to help with that, ugh.

Oh and we have continued our tour of playgrounds that was started 3 years ago with EJ, seriously. Trust me it is not my idea. If you ever come to SD and want to go to a playground we have probably been to about half of them in San Diego County and can give you tips. Today we drove by about 12 playgrounds to get to the "chosen one". It was a nice park with a great view of Mission Valley but I think I was the only one to notice that.

After being spoiled here with the weather for the past week I really don't want to go back to Chicago. I guess life has to move on though.

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