Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Funny Kids

New bit for the blog. My kids do/say some pretty funny stuff. I have a blog so I might as well document it for posterity so I can bring it up later and embarrass them like any good father would do.

EJ showed me her band aids. I knew about one so I asked her about the other. Her response? "Mommy pushed me down on our walk". I ask mommy what happened "EJ wasn't paying attention and ran full speed into me".

MVP is not potty trained but is starting to be interested in the toilet. Tonight when he was getting ready for bed he said "pee pee" so my wife took his diaper off and he ran over to the kid potty,stood 3 feet away and tried to pee in the toilet from there. After peeing all over the floor he was quite proud of himself.

Yes these are my kids but they do have some of their mother's traits...

A successful attempt