Thursday, April 18, 2013

Funny Kids

We had our kitchen cabinets repainted last week.  Part of that process involved us getting new hinges.  For some reason the type of hinge we needed was sold at one place in all of Chicago and they didn't have enough.  No problem, we ordered new hinges and they came today.

Our beautiful newly painted cabinets
Now on to the kids...M & EJ were playing great together so I figured I would hang the rest of the cabinet doors.  The kids were coloring right by me at their little table when I started and about halfway through EJ asked M to go upstairs with her to her room to color the cardboard house she has up there.  When I heard EJ ask M I was happy since she usually doesn't want him in her room let alone coloring her house.  What great kids, right?

I am putting on one of the last doors and EJ calls out to me "daddy look at my arms!".  I asked her to come down and show me...

They're washable, right?
Yes, that is marker on her face, arms and hands.  M has it on his face, arms, hands and, as I found out when I changed his, diaper his legs.  EJ thought it made her look "extra special".  

Once I got past the initial shock I started laughing and haven't stopped since.  At least they were playing well together.


  1. ha! she looks nuts. the cabinets look amazing - nice work.

    1. Thanks! Everything came off tonight in the tub. Really happy about that so I won't get weird looks all weekend.