Friday, April 19, 2013

Quick thing to start the weekend

Busy day so I had M take his nap early so we can get some stuff done this afternoon.  M sleeps for around 3 hours so I had time to play with EJ some games that only she can play and help her with her workbook.  After doing that for a bit EJ decided she wanted to lay down for a little bit and asked me to wake her up when M got up.  M gets up and I play with him for a little bit and then send him in to wake EJ up.  At some point in her sleep EJ knocked her stuffed frog off her bed.  M walked over and picked it up and whispered "" and then patted her back.  So cute.  EJ just rolled over and kept sleeping, now facing him.  M's next move?  He took the soft basketball nearby and bounced it off her head...Brotherly love only goes so far.
My sweet devil