Monday, August 12, 2013

EJ's Answers Pt. 3

After a crazy summer I'm back with questions for EJ.  I have been getting regular requests from EJ to ask her more questions so here you go.  The blog should be picking up again with EJ starting preschool in a couple weeks.  As before, all these responses are EJ's recorded by me.

Q - What is the biggest word you know?

EJ - Mumford.  (yes, that is referring to Mumford and Sons)

Q - What is your favorite thing about mommy?

EJ - She loves me

Q - What is your favorite thing about daddy?

EJ - Sometimes you put me on your shoulders.

Q - Are you excited to start preschool?

EJ - Yes (why?) Because I am going to meet new friends.  I am nervous about going to school because I don't know my new teacher, I hope it is a girl. 

Q - What are you going to do at preschool?

EJ - Letters, circle time, play in the playground

Q - What is your favorite popsicle?

EJ - Pink, purple & green swirly (from Aldi)

Q - What is your favorite sport to play?

EJ - Soccer & Basketball (why?) because I know all the rules 

Q - Who is your favorite person in the whole world?

EJ - You daddy, no wait, Ronica (Veronica our 14 year old next door neighbor)  Me - EJ her name is Veronica  EJ - I know but I call her Ronica
Come on these questions are pretty weak.


  1. Mumford is a crazy big word.

    Older kids have no idea how much little kids look up to them. My 5yo son spent a long time with his 8yo cousin this month, and now I might as well be invisible.

    1. Yeah Oren I completely agree. Lucky for us the older kids on our street are good kids and great with our little ones.