Friday, May 3, 2013

EJ's answers

Thank you everyone for your questions.  These answers are all EJ's, all comments I made to her during her answers are noted.

Q: Why is the sky blue?

A: because some men on the roof painted it.

Q: How is one of the four major food groups, macaroni and cheese, made?

A: I asked her on Monday.  She kept telling me she needed to think about it more.  I asked her again that night and she said she needed to sleep on it.  I asked her in the morning and  she said she was still thinking about it but today she would know the answer.  I asked her Tuesday night before bed and she sat there a second deep in thought and came up with this answer.

You put it in a pan with butter and peas.  I know because we make it sometimes.

Q: EJ What do you want to be when you grow up?

A: An airplane driver (easy one already knew that, duh dad)

Q: Please describe a full recipe for baking bread including all ingredients and steps

A: Can I think about it for a little bit? Me - how long? EJ - about 20 minutes (2 minutes later) I think I know now.

You mix some onions and butter together and put them in the oven for 20 minutes. 

Q: Why does Cora (our dog) have four legs and you have only two?

A: Because she is a dog. (after I pressed) Because we go faster than dogs by going to sleep and eating healthy food.

Q: Why do we have bugs?

A: Because they want to eat our food. (I repeat her answer and she raises her hand) Because Red Eye Tree Frogs eat them.

Q: How do you make a sidewalk?

A; That's a hard question.  The truck (cement mixer, her favorite truck) takes the cement and puts it on the ground and then you wait for it to get hard and that makes a sidewalk (wow...kind of surprised about this one)

Q: Where does food come from?  How do they make it?

A: The baker...they bake it

Q: How do you make cookies?

A: You put beer in it, not the bottle, just the beer, crack eggs, sugar and powder (wife says "you mean flour" EJ turns to her and says "I SAID POW-DER") mix it together put it in the oven and then eat it.

That was easy


  1. beer in cookies? hmmm, i need her to make me some of those next time i visit :).

  2. I'm very impressed with her knowledge of sidewalks.. and I'm with Gina, I like the cookies already! Guess you don't need flour if u have beer. makes sense to me :)

  3. HA! I like her answer to my question. Very artistic. :)