Thursday, May 2, 2013

Saturday night without the kids

Yes I know it is Thursday and I am talking about what I did last weekend, sue me.

Sunday morning my wife and I were signed up to run in a 5k in our neighborhood.  The best part about this plan?  Fitness?  Accomplishing something?  Nope, the kids stayed at our friends house since we had to be out the door early and I wasn't going to push them in a stroller for 3.1 miles while they asked me all sorts of questions (Daddy why are you wheezing?  Daddy, why are you clutching your left arm?  Daddy, why are you laying down? Oooh, oooh, Daddy, Daddy, an AMBULANCE!!!!).

Saturday night rolls around and right before we drop the kids off I walk into our bathroom and step up to the left foot is wet.  Finish my business and have this conversation with my wife.

Me - Hey did you notice the water around the toilet?
Her - Yeah I noticed a couple times and just cleaned it up.
Me - Why didn't you say anything?
Her - I thought you missed or something

Now this really got me going...she was questioning my aim???

I take a look at the toilet and confirm it wasn't my aim (still a deadeye) that was the problem...just a simple leak. (that could have been fixed earlier)

Drop the kids off at our friends house (thanks E & D!) and what I thought would be a nice relaxing night without kids turns into a trip to Home Depot on a Saturday night so I can fix the toilet.  My wife volunteered to come and we pick up what was needed and some stuff that wasn't needed and start to head home.

Wife - Think we can stop at McDonalds and get a sundae?
Me - Ahhh that's why you came along.

Got home. Ate sundae. Fixed toilet. Went to bed.  At least we didn't have enough time for Bed Bath and Beyond...

Photo of a kid because really isn't that why you are here?


  1. yeah, that sounds like her about the water. also, who is that boy? he is getting way too big!

    1. He is getting way too big. He just hit another growth spurt but is so skinny that the pants that are long enough fall off. Good thing short weather is just about here.

  2. I can totally get home depot and that unfortunately that's how weekends are spent, but my favorite part is eating sundaes before your run! I'm just jealous not gonna lie