Monday, May 13, 2013

Monday Links v.2

The cousins with Grandma and Papa
Hope you all had a great Mother's Day weekend.  We went to Cleveland this weekend where my family lives.  It was a good/busy trip as my wife's whole family was there as well for a baby shower for her cousin.  To make it more interesting the in-laws all stayed at my parents with about family time.

This weekend I went to a museum with EJ, celebrated EJ's & M's birthdays, was used by my kids and their cousins as a human jungle gym, ate at a restaurant that may or may not be owned by the Irish Mob, golfed (horribly), went to the pre-baby shower party, had brunch with my mom, and got to see a friend.  Needless to say it was a busy weekend but fun was had by all.  We drove back early this morning (Monday) which will hopefully result in the kids going to bed early so I can do the same.

Anyways, on to the links:

I like this post about working moms.

One blogger went out and did a product review of his wife as a mom.

Disney finally puts out the movie "Brave" that has a princess that isn't over the top girly and then they go and do this.

Neither of my kids used binkies for that long (thumb and finger suckers) but when they did I'm glad I was ahead of the curve.

Men! Do you need to get something for a special woman in your life?  My sister-in-law has some cool stuff (well at least most women I know think it is) over on her site.  Oh and she also blogs about all sorts of things too (like family visiting).

Mother's Day photo

Me, EJ, wife and sister. EJ wanted to match her mom.

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