Friday, April 26, 2013

The Little Things

We have had pretty good weather the past two days (finally) so I have been out walking around the neighborhood running errands with the kids quite a bit.  It is interesting to see them get excited about different things as we are out.  Yesterday EJ saw her favorite truck, a cement mixer, 5 times.  Yes she counted.  Every time she went nuts.  M on the other hand got excited at trucks, buses and construction equipment, telling me the color of the vehicle each time.

Today as we head out for errands I get an idea...riding the train.  About halfway through the errands the kids were getting a little restless.  Perfect time to negotiate...they are good for the rest of the errands and we will go on the train.  Worked like a charm.  

Waiting for the train.  Headband was mom's idea this morning.

The train! Can it go faster?

All that excitement wiped them out.  Success!
Total travel - 4 stops and half mile walk home.  Best $2.25 I have spent.

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  1. The best part is that last pic. Put them right to sleep. Nice work! That's about the time my wife would tell me I shouldn't have let them fall asleep...