Thursday, April 4, 2013

Quarterly check in

I was sitting at EJ's swimming class the other day and as I was watching her use the kick-board by herself for the first time I was shocked.  Everyone always says to cherish the time you have with your kids because they grow up fast but I guess I never thought about it.  Now that I have the time to think about it here are some things that have happened since the beginning of the year:


- can swim by herself (in shallow water)
- can use a kick-board by herself
- walks everywhere
- rides a scooter/bike way better than last year
- understands reasoning
- has grown taller/skinnier
- wants to help doing chores/cooking (I hope this one lasts forever)
- things are now "not fair!"
- has memorized all 3 of her nighttime prayers


- talks in sentences
- has grown an inch in the last month
- can shoot a basketball on a mini hoop with pretty good accuracy
- can play by himself
- plays catch
- will kick the ball back and forth
- loves cars
- eats with a fork and spoon
- can sing the ABC's

I'm sure there are probably more that I have forgotten but I have an even number for both so I think I'll stop here.  You know make sure I'm being "fair" and all.

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