Thursday, March 21, 2013

Day in the life in photos

It was me and EJ most of the day and I've seen other blogs do this so here's my take.

8 am - It's cold outside so we start the day with a little indoor scootering and playing board games
10:30 am - Little hipster getting ready to head to the library
11:45 am - Dad forgot to take a picture inside the library so one outside has to do

12 pm - Lunch date (mom responsible for hair)
1:45 pm - Gymnastics
4 pm - Heading to Costco with Mom & Dad
6 pm - Dinner time.  Little man would only eat yogurt .
7:30 pm - Mommy reading some books after tubby and before bed
8 pm - Someone is feeling a little left out
8:30 pm - Finally able to catch some of the tourney


  1. EJ's hair in that lunch pic is awesome

  2. The best part is when she went to gymnastics with that hairdo and when one of her friend's mom asked her if her dad did her hair she told her "no, my mom". The gymnastics teacher and a couple other moms started laughing.