Thursday, March 14, 2013

New Reality

I have been looking for a new job for awhile now.  My big struggle in finding something has been family related, that is - my wife has a great job and we don't need two people going 100 mph in a career where our kids will suffer.  It has been hard for me to accept...I mean I understand it, but as a man you are supposed to be the "bread winner" and that isn't me right now.  So what can I do that allows me to work and have something without being career committed?  It looks like I have finally found something that will make it work.  It's going to take some adjustment but I think it will be good/fun in the end.  I will be a 3.5/day a week stay at home dad.  I'm excited and a little bit nervous as to how I will adjust to having kids around that much and still keeping my foot in the work/adult world.  The difficult part as a man is when you get the question from someone "What do you do?".  No matter what people say they always take that extra pause when you tell them.  I take my daughter to swimming lessons and gymnastics right now and I am always the only man there.  The women around me all talk to each other but I am avoided like the plague.  Not that I need them to talk to me or acknowledge me but it is a strange dichotomy where it is ok to be a SAHD (stay at home dad) but when you actually come someone who is, it is awkward.

Don't get me wrong.  I am excited to spend so much time with my kids and am really looking forward to the summer with them.  Maybe I need to put myself out there more or try and be different in some way or another.  Any ideas???


  1. I think it is probably worse for SAHD's but all parents at kid's stuff don't talk to you unless they think you really want to talk to them and they know a bit of your story! People are much more willing to talk once they know your story and that you want to talk to them. So initaite a conversation and throw what you "do" out there with confidence - most people won't think twice about it. (You can always then say something nice about their little one and you will have a instant best friend. EJ and M are so polite... see are we friends?)

    1. Makes sense. I guess as a SAHD it is a little intimidating walking into the "lion's den" of SAHMs.