Monday, March 11, 2013

Disney pt. 2

The second half of the day...some ups and one dad-fail.

I met up with the kids/wife/S-I-L at the silhouette place which is probably the best deal for a souvenir in the park ($9).  Went on the Teacups and Dumbo rides again.  Made our way back to ToonTown to see Goofy and ride the roller coaster again(!).  Again, the kids were great the whole time.  Our kids are usually pretty good but this was taking it to another level, I was really impressed but yet didn't want to talk about this luck and jinx us.  The car ride was up next and I knew EJ was going to love it since she is obsessed with driving.  At least a year ago she knew that you needed to be 16 to drive because she asked us all the time if she could drive our car.  EJ couldn't reach the pedals but with me pushing the gas she managed to bounce us back and forth throughout the route, she was in heaven.  We took the train to the other side of the park and little did I know they had these robot dinosaurs and other stuff to look at that M absolutely loved on top of the fact that we were on a "choo choo".  

I guess I could give you the play by play of the next couple rides or I could just show you this picture of EJ waiting with her aunt while I am on the carousel with M:

We had dinner and made our way over to the "submarine ride" which was the old 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea ride that has been converted to Finding Nemo.   The wait wasn't bad and we get on our sub.  I'm holding M and he is looking out the window/dancing/happy.   The sub starts moving and they turn the cabin lights off/turn red interior lights on and he LOSES IT.  Not good.  I'm trying to calm him down and show him some of the stuff out the window and all of the sudden I smell something.  Here is my internal dialogue:

Man what is that smell?....That guy behind me fart or something?  This doesn't smell like M's poop.  Wife/SIL?  (checks diaper finally)...AWWWWW $#!%.

The ride seemed like it was 3 hours long.  EJ liked it though.

We get off the ride get M changed and he seems to have recovered well so we start to go and I am pushing M in one stroller and all day I have strapped him in because he likes to move around.  This time for whatever reason I didn't...M decided he wanted to stand up...I see this and stop the stroller...M goes flying and lands right on his face.  Now this moment would have been bad but as I do this about 35 people right around me yell "OOOOHHHHH" all at once and when I pick M up his nose is gushing blood and he is screaming bloody murder.  DAD FAIL.  I was instantly judged by another 50 or more people as I now have blood on me and anyone that didn't see the fall hear M screaming...awesome.  I get M calmed down and cleaned up after about 5 minutes.  M totally rallied and recovered from it...I don't know how but it must be the magic of Disney.  

At this point it is getting late and I am not sure how much longer the kids will last so we put out the "one more ride" ultimatum.  Dumbo won out and we made it.  I came a skeptic and left impressed.  

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  1. They were so good all day and that pic of EJ telling me how it is was classic