Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Call me Dad...Let's Leave Mr. Mom in the 80's

I am pretty ok with what people call me, either my full name or a shortened version.  I have had nicknames growing up that while not completely thrilled with them it wasn't that bad and I would go along with whatever it was at the time.  There is one name that I have been called that I do take offense to though, Mr. Mom.

I am not babysitting the kids, they are mine and I am spending time with them.  I am the primary-ish caregiver for our kids but I am not a mom, I am a DAD, DADDY or FATHER.  Mr. Mom was a movie made in 1983, its 2013.  Attitudes and opinions have changed dramatically in various ways over the past 30 years but for some reason calling someone Mr. Mom is still ok.  If the stereotype that women shouldn't be working and be home with the kids is gone then why does the stereotype of men taking care of their kids/house still exist?  I have done laundry, cleaned and cooked long before I became a stay at home dad.  Don't get me wrong, I loved the movie "Mr. Mom" growing up, I always wanted to be a part of the office olympics in the movie (besides the part where he throws it in the end, I would totally go for the win).  I chose this life because I love my kids, enjoy spending time with them and I am lucky enough to have a wife that has a great job/career.

When you see a dad out with his kids don't wonder when the mom is going to show up, in many instances they won't.  We(dads) are capable of taking care of our kids just as well as our counterparts in this crazy trip.