Friday, March 15, 2013

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

The in-laws are coming to town this weekend. I am lucky (or so I'm told) that I have a good relationship with them. Not that I can say anything different since they might read this...No really they are great and more importantly they are great with the kids.  The whole reason they are coming is because my father-in-law's birthday is this weekend and what he wanted was to see the kids.

My in-laws are not Irish but are obsessed with Ireland and everything Irish so we are taking the kids and going to the Irish Cultural Center on Saturday for a family St. Patricks day festival. It should be interesting as the cultural center was highlighted on Conan's show when he did a week run here and Conan counted all the bars in the former school building (6!).  Since my first experience with Gaelic football went so well maybe I can find a team to join while I'm there.

Since I have left out pictures on the last post here are a couple with a little holiday flavor.  Have a safe and happy St. Patrick's day!

M is obsessed with playing ball...

...and sucking his thumb

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