Friday, February 22, 2013

Let's see where this goes

I am a 36 year old father of 2 kids EJ (girl) 3.5 and M (boy) 1.5.  We live IN Chicago and have no desire to move to the burbs.  I am not an English major/professional writer so forgive me in advance for my writing and really if you don't like it don't read.  I am thinking right now this will be mostly about the kids and me/my wife navigating this process.  If you like it, great...if you don't, why are you still here.


M not moving

EJ looking at the camera for once
Yes those are my kids...I know, they are the cutest kids you have ever seen.

My parents did a great job raising me and my 2 sisters so my only hope is I can come somewhat close to what they did for us.  If I can do that I will be successful.  I guess this is kind of the intro...let's see what happens next.

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