Sunday, February 9, 2014

TheBean and TheDude Answers

When I started this with TheBean last year TheDude didn't have much to contribute so the questions were all for her.  Now that TheDude talks way more (and by way more he doesn't stop talking, seriously, between TheDude and TheBean and MrsRunninginPlace I am becoming a mute) I figured he should be involved in this venture.  Special thanks to the other Dad Bloggers that contributed questions.  If I didn't use your question this time I will use it in the next round.

What does Santa do after Christmas?

TheBean "ummmmm...I don't know.  He makes more toys for kids who didn't get everything they asked for like the tea set I wanted and didn't get."

TheDude "Eat meatballs!" Me "He goes home and eats meat balls?" TheDude "Yeah, eats meatballs!"

Who is the better driver, Mom or Dad?

TheBean "Both, no wait you, no wait Mommy." Me - "Why?" TheDude - "NO DADDY IS A BETTER DRIVER!" TheBean - "Mommy drives faster!" It then devolved into a debate as to who drives faster...

What is your favorite holiday?

TheBean "Is it ok if I have more than one favorite holiday? Christmas, Halloween and Valentines Day."

TheDude "Cars" Me "That's not a holiday" TheDude "Yes it is, blue cars, yellow cars and red cars."

Where did all the snow come from?

TheBean "Big snow clouds in the sky."

TheDude "Off the big tree and was shaking (walks over to the window and points) that tree it all came from that tree." (Head nod for emphasis)

What is the scariest color?

TheBean "Red because that is the color of fire."

TheDude "The blue one because monsters come in my room and they are blue."

Do you like growing up?

TheBean "Yes, because you can be big and strong and lift everything and be in charge." (Watch out whoever wants to date/marry her)

TheDude "Yes, because its fun and I'm going to get so tall!"

What is your favorite place to eat?

TheBean "Bad Apple (burger and beer restaurant right by our house, its delicious), actually McDonalds because they have a play place and you get toys."

TheDude "Bad Apple because I like bad apple and I like going to Old McDonalds to get ice cream."

What is your favorite song?

TheBean "The who o o o song (Best Day of my Life by American Authors) and Frozen music."

TheDude "Old McDonald, Farmer and the Dell and Black Keys. Dad can you put on Black Keys?" I put it on he starts bobbing his head and dancing.

What time is it? (5:30pm about to have dinner)

TheBean "12" Me "So it's 12 o'clock, lunch time?" TheBean "Nooooo its 12:30."

TheDude "20 o'clock" Me "You know that is bedtime, right?" TheDude "yeah"  Me "So its time for bed." TheDude "NO! Its 30 o'clock!"

How do you make a cake?

TheBean "So you make a big dough with chocolate stuff, roll it up and you put it in the oven and then put lots of frosting and sprinkles on it."

TheDude "You put sprinkles on it and chocolate frosting on it and then you have a cake!"

What is your favorite TV show?

TheBean "Sophia (the First) and Doc (McStuffins) because I want to be a doctor and a mommy when I grow up and I like princesses."

TheDude "Cars and Planes! They're fast!"

Super Kids ready to answer your questions

I thought you would ask some tough questions

Yeah these questions were so easy I did snow angels while answering them.

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