Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Can we just push this button and start again?

Wow, what to say.  I've been trying for the past couple months to write something to put up here and then I either:

1. delete it
2. second guess if I should do this and leave it in draft status until it is out of date
3. stare at the screen after typing about 3 sentences, freak out, second guess and then delete it.

Moral of the blog post...there is going to be some crap and then pictures of my kids.  If you want to skip the crap just scroll down and look at the pics.  Don't worry I won't judge (silently judging).

What have I been up to since September?  

- Joined a gym (YMCA) that is totally awesome and allows me to run in place at a much faster speed than when I am with my kids.

- Survived Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Years.

- Started playing my guitar again.  Well I don't know if you can really call it again since my first round consisted of me taking lessons for 8 weeks and then promptly not picking up the guitar for 4 years.  I think this time I'm going to stick with it a little longer.

- Survived "Chiberia" (yes that is what they called it here) with the kids.

I don't know, probably a bunch of other stuff too but that is for another time/blog.

A couple new things around here...changing the kids names for fun and because EJ and M are kind of boring so...EJ will now be TheBean and M will be TheDude.  Where the names came from you ask?  Well TheBean was a chunk when she was little and bald so I thought she looked like Butterbean the boxer and TheDude is just a little dude. The other change involves my "Ask EJ" posts...TheDude is being added and can be asked questions as well.

While I am talking about it let's throw it out there...ask some questions for TheBean and TheDude and I will ask them in the comments or on my Facebook page and post their answers on Monday.  

Pictures?  Oh, yeah I have some of those too.
Surviving "Chiberia" while mom is in California (no I'm not bitter at all)

I found TheDude at the top of our stairs tonight in this exact pose.
Yes they made me wear the goggles while we were working on our construction project. I kept them on because they were stylish, no?

Holiday Train!

Santa visit

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