Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Music That Doesn't Suck

Hey!  Lots to be happy about today...4 day weekend coming up, nice weather and most importantly healthy kids.  Today we made a trip to a heart specialist for M due to a heart murmur that hasn't gone away.  I tried my best up until today not to freak out about it mostly because M's pediatrician wasn't worried.  Once you are in the office and the nurse comes in and does her thing and leaves and then a resident (I think) comes in and leaves and then the main doctor comes in and listens to his heart for what felt like 45 minutes you start to worry.  No need though it is what is called an "innocent murmur" which means it should go away on its own and our Dr. was right, no worries.

Anyways on to some music...The Mowgli's are playing this year at Lollapalooza and this song is just so upbeat and happy it feels right today so ENJOY!!!

Me and my little trooper

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