Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Music That Doesn't Suck

Happy Wednesday!  I had my parents in town this weekend and they just left yesterday.  It was great having them around but now I am trying to catch up with everything.  A big hello to all the new followers that came over from Dad on the Run.  To the new people here Wednesday is music day here.  I started doing this to fight off all of the awful, crappy kids music that torments me day and night.  The band this week, Temples, has a strong Beatles sound.  Enjoy...

Oh and the real reason anyone comes to this page...a picture of my kids.  Yes, that is a double piggy-back ride. 
Don't try this at home


  1. M looks scared....his sister is holding on a little too tight :).

    1. He loved it. They were asking me to do it again this morning. I'm trying to keep it a one time thing.